Diana Nixon – Love Lines – First Birthday Celebrations

I’m very happy to be a part of this blog tour and I hope you’ll like my interview with Diana Nixon, the author of  Love Lines.



  1. Hello Diana! Thank you for granting me this interview. I’d like to talk first about Love Lines. How did this story come into being?  Love Lines was my debut fantasy novel. When I started writing it, I wasn’t thinking about the series of books. But when I realized that one book wasn’t enough for the amount of ideas I had in my head, I turned LL into a series of novels:) The main thing that I wanted to show writing LL was the beauty of love and those emotions that overwhelm you when you are in love. In addition, I wanted to create a fantasy world where everything would be magical. I like creating complicated plots where everything is not what it seems. That’s why my Love Lines series if full of mysteries, adventures and secrets. I like when readers say that my books are unique, that they are not like many other stories of the same genre. And it inspires me to create something new:)
  2. What was the most challenging aspect of creating this character of Eileen Clark? The biggest challenge in creating Eileen was her inner world and character. I didn’t want her to be weak or insecure. I wanted her to be strong and brave, and sure about everything she did. It was hard to strike the right balance between being strong and annoyingly self-confident, but I hope I did a good job:) Despite the fact that two characters tell the story, Eileen is the main narrator, who is supposed to attract readers’ attention and make them want to read more.
  3. How did you approach the research needed for these books? There were a few things I needed to work on love lines32before writing a book. For example I used flowers to describe people’s emotions and thoughts. I looked through a few books and articles explaining their meaning to be more accurate in my words. I also needed some information about people’s auras, British landscape and weather.
  4. What are your current/future projects?  At the moment I’m working on the LL next book named Diamond Sky and a new series, or to be exact a trilogy about the guardian angels. My editor thinks I should try writing a contemporary romance, so maybe I will follow her advice and write one:)
  5. If you had to be one of your protagonists, who would it be?  It’s a good question. Can I say I would like to be Evan Murray?:) Apart from being my favorite character he’s an example of everything I would never dare to do or say. He’s very brave and strong and he never gives up. He’s an optimist just like me, but unlike me it’s almost impossible to discourage him.
  6. Who are your favourite writers and why? There are many writers whose books I like to read. For example now I can’t wait to get the second book of the Beautiful series by Jamie McGuire and Reckless by S.C. Stephens:)
  7. What was the book that most influenced your life — and why? I don’t know. Really:) I’ve became a fantasy author because I like reading fantasy stories. And there were many of them I liked a lot. From Twilight and Hush Hush to Harry Potter.
  8. What are your 5 favorite books —and why? Can I name my own books? Just kidding:) Okay so let it be Breaking Down by Stephanie Mayer, Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead, Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick,  Evernight by Claudia Grey and Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire. All of them left something special inside my heart:)
  9. What is the greatest challenge you have faced in your career as an author? Writing itself:) Everything about it is a challenge, from creating characters and gathering ideas for a new book to proofreading and publishing. Every on these aspects have some difficulties we face every day.
  10. Describe your writing room. I can describe it in one word – kitchen!:) Yes, it’s my favorite place to write. When I wake up in the morning, I go to the kitchen, make a cup of coffee, open my notebook and start checking my e-mail and Facebook. When I go to get another cup of coffee my writing part of the day begins:) But when it’s summer outside, I like working on a terrace.
  11. Take us through a typical day in the life of Diana Nixon. So I have already told you how my morning starts – with a cup of coffee. They say that life starts after coffee, so yes, it’s about me:) Usually I write 1 or 2 chapters per day. And with the amount of e-mails, my little daughter’s playing I get to my books somewhere at noon and work on them for about three hours. There are days free of writing, but I hate them, because I can’t stay without work for too long:) My evenings I spend with my family, making diner and talking about the events of the day.
  12. Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers? Thank you guys for everything! Your support, your amazing review and 5 stars ratings  make my days:) And it’s the best reward a writer can get. I hope you will enjoy reading my books and I will try to do my best to make them great:)


100_199552Diana Nixon was born in Minsk, Belarus, where she still lives and works on her series. Before becoming a writer she received a Master of Law degree from Belorussian state University. She has always liked reading fantasy novels, so when she came up with the idea of writing a book, she already knew what genre to choose. At the moment Diana is working on her Love lines series.

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The traces of supernatural powers have always been crossing the world of human beings. Many people know about the existence of healers, mind readers, oneiromancers and wizards. But for centuries their lives have been kept secret and no one has ever heard about one special place, where those gifted people studied.
Neither has Eileen Clark, whose life has never been different from the one other teenagers have.
But one day everything changes. Eileen finds out that she belongs to the mysterious world of unnatural and the destiny leads her to Dever – a closed university for the people like her.

Nothing will ever be the same again…

New life, new friends, new enemies…

But the true love will never let her down. It will help to go through everything….

Diamond Sky (Love Lines, # 3): book trailer released!!!

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